The perfect
alternative to a wood
burning fireplace.

Gas Log Fireplace | Gas Fireplace Insert

Switch from Wood to Gas and Enjoy the Glow.

If you love the smell of wood burning inside your home, then there’s no replacing a wood-burning fireplace. The problem is, that rich, full odor is only part of what comes with wood fireplace. You have ashes to clean, wood to buy, wood to store, store, a chimney to clean to prevent a creosote fire, a chimney to clean to prevent squirrels joining you indoors for breakfast, and more.

If your fireplace is becoming more and more of a bother, there’s a simple and practical solution: switch to a gas log fireplace. One that we can fit into your existing wood fireplace or install pretty much anywhere you like.

Advantages of a Gas Log Fireplace

Look closely at a glass fireplace and, if you didn’t know better, you’d swear there was wood burning inside. Except of course there isn’t. Gas fireplaces light up a room or area with a remarkable sense of warmth and comfort, a feeling you can enjoy until it’s time to turn it off – just like that.

Energy Efficient

The use of gas gives you full control over how much fuel you use at a time. You can easily adjust the amount of gas used and turn it off completely with the flip of a switch. Gas fireplaces are also much more eco-friendly since you aren’t creating smoke by burning wood or other plant-based materials.

Easy to Use

Gas fireplace inserts eliminate the sometimes messy and time-consuming task of lighting and maintaining a wood fire. Manipulating the amount of heat output with a wood-burning fireplace can also be tricky. With a gas fireplace, a flip of the switch turns it on and off and enables you to maintain exactly the right temperature.

More Gas Log Fireplace Pluses

Low Maintenance

First, gone will be the need to sweep up and remove the ashes after each use. Gas fireplaces are much easier to clean. As for the rest of its upkeep the experienced pros at Zach Heating and Cooling will take care of that for you.

Good to Have During a Power Outage

Gas log fireplaces will continue to work safely during a power outage. And wouldn’t it be great to have a reliable heat source during a snow, ice, and wind storm?!

No Smoke or Embers

Since no physical material is burning, there will be no sparks, embers, smoke, or other fumes to worry about with a gas fireplace. That added safety will mean even more if you have small children and pets at home.

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