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If you could see an AC system completely disassembled, you’d lose count if you were to attempt tallying up all the various parts and components.

But fear not. We know exactly what they are, where they go, and what they’re designed to do. More importantly, should we uncover any irregularities, we know exactly how to get things back to normal. Otherwise, how could we be so well reviewed for AC and other home comfort system repair work?

So fear not. If your AC system isn’t performing up to par, we’ll locate and diagnose the problem and recommend exactly the right remedy.

And now for the rest of the story.

Common AC Repair Symptoms

Other than a shortage of cool air inside your home or no cool air at all, how would you even know if your AC repair system needed professional attention? These are some of the signs worth paying attention to:

Weak Airflow from Your Vents
Weak airflow means that your system is still working hard but can’t generate enough cool air to suit you. Poor airflow often means you have leaky ductwork, a clogged filter or a build-up of debris in your ducts. It could also be a sign that the compressor is failing.

Loud Noises from Your Indoor Unit
AC systems are designed to be felt, not heard. If you hear noises anyway, leak squealing or scraping, something is out of whack – like a loose fan blade – or one or more parts need to be lubricated. Don’t wait to contact us because unresolved problems have a way of causing others.

Odd Smells When the Unit Turns On
A strong burning smell, for example, could indicate that wiring insulation has been burned, which can create a higher risk of fire. If the odor is musty, biological growth may have infiltrated the system. With the possibility of resulting health issues, prompt action once again is called for.

More AC Repair Problems

Your Utility Bills Have Begun to Skyrocket
While you’re likely to see some fluctuations in your utility bills, especially when the warm weather hits, sudden spikes aren’t typical. If your utility bill skyrockets for no apparent reason, it’s likely an indication that your system is no longer running efficiently. This could be due to broken parts or leaks that need to be repaired, or it could simply be a sign that a tune-up is necessary.

A Leaking Air Handler
An air handler is the indoor component of an AC system often installed inside an attic. If your AC system does not receive preventive maintenance on a regular basis, water can leak onto your attic floor, causing quite the mess (a good reason to check he air handler about once a month during the AC season). One such cause is a condensate drainpipe clogged with dirt and debris. You can clear that out with a straightened wire hanger, but if the air handler continues to leak, let Zach Heating and Cooling take over. The problem could lead to air handler failure.

Bottom line, if your AC system isn’t performing up to par, it won’t take you long to notice. So, before things get worse, contact us so we can make everything better – and more comfortable.

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