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There are a few possibilities that bring you to our website today, perhaps these being chief among them:

  • You’ve never had a central air system and can’t bear the thought of even one more summer without oner
  • You have one, but it’s older than your first grade report card
  • You’ve just added on a four-season porch, it needs heating and air, but your current systems can barely keep up with the rest of your house
  • You’re tired of being perfectly comfortable in one room, and sweating bullets in another

Or maybe your system still runs okay – not great – but utility costs have you looking for a second job. Whatever the reason, you want someone you can turn to. Someone you can trust. You’ve come to the right place.

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Today’s central air system offer energy efficiencies up to 95% and higher. By comparison, your older system – if it’s around 10 years old – may not be running any more efficiently than 60%.

  • Uneven distribution of cool air
  • Excess indoor humidity
  • Weak airflow through your vents
  • Loud, strange noises coming from the air handler – the indoor component of your system

Here’s one more reason for good luck. Freon has been banned since January 1, 2020. That means that if your system still runs on Freon (R-22 refrigerant), a Freon charge can cost and exorbitant amount of money – assuming there’s any older quantities still available.

Whatever make or model of new system you purchase, it will come equipped Freon’s replacement – R-410A. It’s environmentally friendly and more energy efficient than Freon since it absorbs and discharges more effectively.

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