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Use the Best of Their Kind. And Get the Best Results.

“Best” can be a very troubling word. Who, for example, is the world’s best Mom? Yours, of course. And yet most of us feel the same way about our moms.

Here’s a perfect case in point. At Zach Heating and Cooling,  we find Speed Queen residential washers and dryers to be the best in the business. That’s our considered opinion, and for several very good reasons, including these:

  • Manufactured in the same plant in Ripon, Wisconsin since 1928. Parents and grandparents of current employees worked there for all the right reasons, including consistency of quality, precision manufacturing, and using all the best materials.
  • Stainless steel outer and inner drums.
  • A uniquely designed agitator which is the heart and soul of any washing machine – Speed Queen’s, once again, is the best at getting your clothes perfectly clean.
  • Tougher than tough. Before Speed Queen washers are ready for shipment, they are tested to see how well they stand up to even the toughest and biggest loads – up to 21 pounds. One such test is washing a full rack of pool balls and running the washer for its full cycle. While the noise drives nearby workers nuts, the result is no internal dents or dings once the wash is finished.

Award-Winning Quality

While you won’t see Speed Queen commercials during the Super Bowl, you can read about their numerous awards, including this 2021 award from Good Housekeeping.

Speed Queen’s DR7 is the first dryer to offer cycles designed specifically for pet hair removal and drying of pet items.

“It is very rewarding that the efforts of our pet-focused team are being validated,” said Cody Masluk, vice president and general manager of Speed Queen residential. “This team loves our pets, and we are excited to develop solutions for other pet lovers.”

Speed Queen Features & Options

Speed Queen washers are available in top load and front load models, and from base- to fully-loaded models. You can also purchase stacked washers and dryers.

Here’s more:

  • Warrantees up to 7 years
  • Commercial level quality
  • Center-control panel helps prevent reaching and bending
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Speed Queen machines are tops in fabric care
  • Reversible front-loading door for greater flexibility in where you install it
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Built to last 25 years

Installation & Repair

Just like heating, cooling, and water heater equipment, our team of home comfort specialists installs and repairs all makes and models of residential Speed Queen washers and dryers. We also install and repair commercial equipment – call for details.

Learn more about how Zach Heating and Cooling and Speed Queen can jointly provide you with wash day experiences to beat the band. What’s more, we’ll help you choose the right models for your home and family.

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