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Ductless Air | Ductless Mini-Split

It’s an AC System. It’s a Heat Pump.
No, it’s Ductless Air.

Ductless air. It’s kind of funny to name something after what it’s lacking. But in this case, what these systems are lacking – air ducts – are what brought them into existence in the first place back in the later 1970’s.

Many older homes, for example, were built without air ducts and to add them now would be cost-prohibitive at best. So what about those families – are they to be saddled with window fans, window AC units, or a combination of the two for life? Once upon a time, they were. And then along came ductless air (also called ductless mini-splits) which provides all the benefits of central heating and air with no need for – you guessed it – air ducts.

Ductless Air System | Ductless Heating & Air

While ductless air systems have been around for decades, they still are not a widely understood heating and cooling solution.

First and foremost, here’s what it makes it different than an AC system or a heat pump:

  • Delivers your choice of cool air only, or warm and cool air combined
  • Doesn’t require air ducts, making ductless air a great alternative to central air for homes not only missing ductwork, but where it would be cost prohibitive to install them
  • Doesn’t require vents or registers if you employ it as a whole-house option for heating and air
  • Conditioned air is circulated through wall-mounted units that connect to one or more outdoor condensing units
  • No indoor air handler or furnace required when used for whole-house purposes.
  • Easiest HVAC system to maintain
  • Most energy-efficient HVAC option

Ductless Air Flexibility | Ductless Air Options

A pretty impressive home comfort innovation, wouldn’t you say? Well, hang on a sec, because it gets even better. We think you’ll agree once you consider the following:

  • Use ductless air for whole-house comfort, a basement conversion, to heat and cool a garage, to provide added cooling on the second floor of your home, or for any other indoor application
  • Each condensing unit can support up to 5 indoor wall units
  • Each wall unit has its own remote control device and thermostat – talk about added energy savings!
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Improved air quality as ductless air units remove excess humidity

Can ductless air enhance your family’s year-round indoor comfort? If you’re thinking even “maybe,” give us call to request a free in-home needs analysis. We’ll answer all your questions and give you a guaranteed price quote – all part of the service with Zach Heating & Cooling.

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