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Caution – this statistic might alarm you. According to the EPA, indoor air is up to 5x more polluted than outdoor.

Is that true in your home? Well, it very well could be if you:

  • Allow smoking
  • Use chemical cleaners
  • Don’t require people to leave their shoes at the door – shoe soles are like a delivery service for pesticides, herbicides, allergens, and other known air pollutants
  • Don’t routinely clean or replace your HVAC filters
  • Haven’t had your air ducts cleaned in as long as you can remember

There are plenty of other causes of indoor air pollution, including pet dander. To put an end to all that, say good-bye to all the “ah-choos” and say hello to a new whole-house air filtration system from Zach Heating & Cooling.

HEPA Filter Heating System | New Heating System

Air filtration systems are the perfect antidote for persistent allergy and asthma problems provided your home is equipped with air ducts.

The indoor air quality experts from Zach will install the filtration unit inside your ductwork, where it then goes to work to rid your home of up to 99% of airborne pollutants – sometimes even more.

As these pollutants – including viruses, germs and bacteria – travel through your ducts, the air filtration unit stops them dead in their tracks. If they can’t get through, they can’t occupy your indoor air.

Air filtration system are easy to maintain, too. The HEPA filters inside the air filtration unit need to be cleaned about every six months.

Ultra-Violet Lamps | UV Air Cleaners | Air Filtration System

As air passes through a UV air purifier, the light in the device breaks down the pathogens at a microscopic level to make them incapable of functioning. The device forces air in and exposes the airborne pathogens to UV light for long enough to deactivate them.

Here’s what a UV Lamp Ai Purifier can do for you:

  • Eliminate Odors – UV light air purification breaks down the molecules, so the odors no longer linger.
  • Improve Airflow – UV light also eliminates the dirt and germs that accumulate in parts of your AC system – over time, these can cause unpleasant odors.
  • Raise HVAC Efficiency – A cleaner system with excellent airflow increases the efficiency of your unit, which reduces energy costs.
  • Reduce Asthma and Allergy Triggers – While your furnace and AC filters trap a certain amount of dirt, dust, and bacteria, they can only do so much. UV lamps do the rest.

Which type of air filtration system is right for you? Contact Zach Heating & Cooling today to schedule an in-home appointment, we’ll give you our best advice along with free, custom proposal.

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