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Oh, the Weather Inside is…?

Let’s face it folks – it’s either not warm enough in the winter or not cool enough come summer. You work too hard to settle for anything but superior indoor comfort, and we work extra hard to ensure you get just that – all year long.

That’s why we are trained, experienced, and licensed to provide all the heating and cooling services you and your home require: annual maintenance, expert repairs, and new system maintenance.

In fact, today’s new model heating and cooling systems are up to 95% energy efficient and more. Which means that over time, the money you save on your utility bills can easily cover the cost of a new system.

So, when it comes to your family’s year-round indoor comfort, choose “delightful.” And choose Zach Heating and Cooling.

Water Heater Winside | Water Heater Repair Winside

Whether you start or end your day with a nice hot shower – perhaps both? – the last thing you want to happen is for the water to turn cold before you turn off the faucet.

No hot water to run your dishwasher? Not acceptable. Not enough hot water to thoroughly clean your house? What’s going on here?

No, we can’t make those moments any more pleasant for you. At Zach Heating & Cooling, we repair all makes and models of tank-style and tankless systems. Plus, when your current water heater has nothing left to give, count on us to recommend and install exactly the right replacement system.

Laundry Equipment Winside | Washers & Dryers Winside

Zach Heating & Cooling is an authorized Speed Queen dealer for residential and commercial washers and dryers.

Speed Queen is high quality equipment you can count on for many years of reliable service. Should something go wrong, or time run out on your existing Speed Queen washer or dryer, our factory trained technicians are always on hand to assist you.

Top and front load washing machines, high-capacity dryers plus a host of options, laundry day will be a better day when you place your confidence in Zach Heating & Cooling.

Check out the many products and services we provide for your Winside family

  • Heating System Maintenance Winside
  • Heating System Repair Winside
  • New Heating System Winside
  • Programmable Thermostats Winside
  • AC Maintenance Winside
  • AC Repair Winside
  • New AC System Winside
  • Ductless Air System Winside
  • VIP Service Plan Winside
  • Air Filtration System Winside
  • Whole-House Humidifier Winside
  • Water Heater Service & Repair Winside
  • New Tankless Water Heater Winside
  • New Gas Water Heater Winside
  • New Electric Water Heater Winside
  • Speed Queen Laundry Equipment Winside
  • Gas Log Fireplaces Winside
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