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Whaddya Mean No Hot Water?

Now that’s a question we bet you’ve been asked more than once. Maybe, for example, you had a perfectly delightful shower but then went to rinse the tub only to find nothing but cold water. Then your teen rounds the corner, ready to take a shower of his or her own before heading off to school. “Sorry, dear, no hot water.”

The point is, there’s never a good time to run out and experience any other hot water difficulties. But with an average equipment life of 10-12 years, tank-style water heaters eventually need to be serviced or repaired – and yes, ultimately replaced.

All Makes & Models

At Zach Heating & Cooling, we service and repair all makes and models of gas and electric tank-style systems. We also work on gas tankless systems.

So, the minute yours starts producing less hot water, none at all, leaking from the top or bottom of the tank, or making loud, strange noises, contact us for an accurate problem diagnosis and a recommendation on the next best action to take. Whatever that might be, we’ll have you enjoying all the hot water you need in no time.

At Zach Heating & Cooling, our expertise extends beyond just gas and electric tank-style systems. We’re also equipped to handle repairs and maintenance for a wide range of makes and models, including gas tankless systems.

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