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More Heat Won’t Necessarily Make You More Comfortable This Winter.

Come fall, when it’s time to turn the heat on, it’s tough saying good-bye to summer, but nice knowing that indoor comfort will continue without interruption. And for the first month or so, chances are everything is coming up roses.

But then the inevitable happens. Your indoor air dries out and starts taking its toll on you, other family members, and potentially objects made of wood. And just like that, you’ve gone from total comfort to semi-miserable.

What can you do about it? Zach Heating & Cooling has the answer.

Home Humidifier

If super dry indoor air quality isn’t your idea of a good time, then stop putting up with it. Instead, contact Zach Heating & Cooling for the good news about a whole-house humidifier. Here’s just some of what you can expect:

  • Total Control – A home humidifier works in harmony with your furnace to provide total indoor comfort at just the right level of humidity.
  • Healthier Living Environment – Dry air can cause dry eyes, sore throats, irritated sinuses, and itchy skin. Dry air can also stir up allergies and asthma symptoms. Adding moisture to the air in your home can help avoid these.
  • Sleep Better – When your sinuses dry up, you’re more likely to snore. When you snore, chances are you’re not the only one losing sleep.
  • Protect Wood Furnishings – Items in your home made from wood, such as floors, cabinets, doors, and musical instruments can shrink when they are exposed to dry air, causing splintering and cracking.
  • Save Money – More humid air during the colder months will help your body feel comfortable at lower temperatures, thus enabling you to save money on your heating bill.

If you prefer Nebraska to the Sahara Desert – and we’re pretty sure you do – contact Zach Heating & Cooling today and ask about a humidifier for your home.

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