Ductless air systems originated in Japan in 1959 to address problems that central air could not – those created by tightly packed homes with thin walls and loud, bulky duct work. In short, central air proved not to be a “one size fits all” solution. Then along came Mitsubishi with its still industry-leading Mr. Slim line of ductless air products and, just like that, the home comfort industry was transformed.

It wasn’t until the mid-1970’s before ductless air first appeared on the U.S. landscape, and years after that before ductless systems became commonplace in U.S. homes. Today, they’re more than commonplace. Ductless air is undergoing a surge in popularity throughout the Wayne area and beyond, and for a host of very good reasons. Here are just a few. . .

Reasons to Go Ductless

Lower Equipment Costs – Why purchase and maintain two home comfort systems when one will do? That’s right – most of the ductless systems we install offer heating and cooling all in one neat, easy to maintain package.

Energy Efficient – On average, a ductless air system will trim your energy costs by 30% when used to replace standalone heating and cooling systems for the same space. That can add up to thousands of dollars in energy savings over the life of your system.

Requires Minimal Maintenance – To keep your ductless air system in tip-top shape, you simply need to clean the filters, keep the vents of the wall unit clear of obstructions, and tidy up around the outdoor unit to maintain proper airflow. No need to worry about cleaning ductwork or sealing duct leaks like with traditional HVAC systems.

Use it Here, There, and Everywhere – Where might you have us install a ductless air system in your home? Pretty much anywhere you like. Here’s a short list of possibilities:

  • Whole-house – Yes, ductless air is often used as a whole-house source of cool air, warm air, or both. Why? Because sometimes it’s nearly impossible to install the ductwork necessary to run whole-house AC or forced air heat.
  • Enhance an existing system – If you own a two-story house, you know how difficult it can be to keep the upstairs cool with central air alone. Adding a ductless air system gives you extra cooling power where you need it.
  • 3-Season Room or Basement Conversion – Your existing heating and cooling systems were sized to cover a set amount of square feet. So before launching a home remodeling project, let Zach Heating & Cooling advise you on the best way to heat and cool the new space. Very often, ductless air will be the answer.