Most furnace owners know that an annual furnace checkup is recommended, but very few homeowners actually schedule this important service, especially if their furnace seems to be running without issue.

However, HVAC professionals recommend annual maintenance for the same reason you get an annual health check-up or have your car serviced – as a preventive measure to help avoid problems before they start.

Once you realize the benefits of annual maintenance, you’ll never skip it again! Here are just a few to consider.

Reduced Energy Bills

A furnace can account for approximately 50% of your energy bill. A well-maintained furnace will run more efficiently and use less energy than one that’s ignored. Add in a programmable thermostat, and you can stay comfortable for a lot less this winter and for many more to come.

Fewer Repairs & Breakdowns

Nothing ruins a cozy winter’s night like a broken heating system. Preventive maintenance helps ensure your furnace is in tip top shape before the heating season and can uncover minor issues before they become costly, emergency repairs.

Extended Equipment Lifespan

The better maintained a furnace is, the longer it will last. During annual maintenance, your HVAC technician will inspect and clean the system, test and check all the elements for proper operation, check safety controls, and more.

Improved Air Quality

Furnace air filters should be changed regularly (every 10 weeks or so) to keep the system running efficiently and prevent dirt and dust from being circulated throughout your living space. But dirt, dust, and debris can buildup in other places as well that impact air quality, so it’s important to give a furnace a proper cleaning once a year.

Added Safety

Furnaces produce heat through burning fuel so it’s important to ensure that the combustion process is efficient. Otherwise, you could be at risk for a gas leak. Additionally, an unchecked furnace runs the risk of a carbon monoxide leak, which can cause nausea, headaches, and in some cases, death.

Maintain Manufacturer’s Warranty

Should the day come when you need to cash in on your system’s warranty, you may be asked to provide service records to prove that it’s been properly maintained. If you don’t have them, you may not get the outcome you were hoping for.

Is An Annual Furnace Tune-Up Necessary?

Regular maintenance means fewer repairs, improved safety, lower utility bills, less fuel used, longer equipment lifespan, and the peace of mind knowing your furnace will keep you warm all winter long.

At Zach Heating & Cooling, we install, service, and maintain all makes and models of furnaces so you can sleep easy knowing your heating system is ready for the cold nights ahead. If it’s been a year or more since your furnace was tuned up, contact Zach Heating & Cooling today.