The new year brings with it a lot of possibilities; a fresh start for health, fitness, relationships, and careers. Why not take the opportunity to make an update to your home as well?

Whether you want to tackle a remodeling project, finish one that you’ve started, or just want to make a few changes, we’re covering 5 ways you can refresh your home to get the New Year started on the right foot.

Plan Your Goals for the Year

A great way to figure where to begin is to set some (realistic) house goals for the year ahead. What projects have you been putting off? What have you started but never finished? Is there something that needs repair or replacement? Is there a room or area of your home that needs a total overhaul? Make a must-do and want-to list along with budgetary parameters and see what you can tackle in the coming year and what might need to wait a year or two.

Deep Clean, Declutter, and Organize

While many save this for the spring, the start of a new year is a great time to deep clean and organize your home. Once the holiday decorations are put away, make time to deep clean those areas you tend to put off the rest of the year like windows, baseboards, behind appliances, and so on. Then tackling one room at a time, go through your belongings and donate, recycle, or dispose of items you no longer want or need. Finally, update your storage to provide a practical place for what’s left.

Consider Your Personal Goals

Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or a goal you’ve been working on for a while, think of how you can incorporate it into your space. If your goal is to work out more, is there an area of your home you can turn into a small gym? Want to spend more quality time with loved ones? How about a game or movie room? If you have spaces that support your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them.

Rearrange Existing Pieces 

Something as simple as rearranging your existing furniture or décor can go a long way in creating a new look. Perhaps an accent table in your living room would make the perfect entry table for keys and mail. Or the upholstered chair from your family room can be the perfect reading nook in your bedroom. Switching a few things around or experimenting with a new layout can easily breathe new life into a space.

Make Energy Efficiency a Priority

Your home is more than just four walls, a roof, and furniture. It’s a collection of complex machines, appliances and systems – all of which require a lot of energy to operate. This year, take steps to reduce your carbon footprint and cut utility costs by making your home more energy efficient. Seal drafty windows and doors, replace energy-hogging incandescent light bulbs with LEDs, and keep your HVAC system running at max efficiency with annual maintenance performed by the home comfort experts at Zach Heating & Cooling. You’ll enjoy improved system performance, fewer and less costly repairs, longer equipment life, lower utility costs, and added home and family safety.

Best of all, you can be that much more confident your heating system has all it takes to run without interruption all season long. If it’s been a year or longer since you’ve had your furnace inspected and tuned-up, contact Zach Heating & Cooling today.