So, what’s it going to be this summer – keep the AC off to save money on electricity or run your system full bore so you don’t miss a minute’s worth of comfort?

Happily, life doesn’t always present us with such extreme choices – usually there are points in between that help you strike the proper balance.

As such, now you can enjoy maximum comfort without having to pawn your jewelry to afford the inevitable summertime increase in electricity costs. Here are some ways to go about that.

Don’t let the cool air escape.

Older homes allow conditioned air to escape through poor insulation, gaps in window caulking, old windows, and so on.

To see how well your home is preserving its cool air, consider getting a professional energy audit. Or simply make repairs where you can, including replacing the weather stripping around doors.

Add one or more new zones.

If your home is controlled by a single thermostat, you are no doubt over-paying for air conditioning. With at least one extra zone, you can regulate temperatures one zone at a time to save money where less cool air is needed.

Is your thermostat on the right wall?

Thermostat placement can play a big role in how well your air conditioner performs. If it’s on a wall near a window that gets direct sun, your AC system will start more frequently and run longer than it needs to.

Close the blinds.

A sun-facing window does more than heat up the thermostat – it heats you up, too. So, close your window treatments – especially those facing east or south – during the daytime and open them back up after the sun goes down.

Use a fan.

Cool air falls and warm air rises, right?  So, during the summer, run one or more ceiling fans counter-clockwise to draw more cool air upwards, thus cutting back on the amount you need from your AC system.

Change your indoor air filters.

A dirty air filter can make it difficult for your AC to push cool air back into your home. By replacing or cleaning your indoor air filters every 6 weeks to 3 months, you can help keep your indoor air clean and your energy costs down.

Zach Heating & Cooling also can help reduce utility costs and prevent costly repairs with annual AC system maintenance. Our service also can extend the life of your equipment.  Contact us today for more information or to schedule service, especially if it’ been a year or longer since maintenance work was last performed.