What’s the fun of being home when you can’t sit or walk anywhere without a box of facial tissues strapped to your hip? Okay, maybe that’s a little on the extreme side of the fence, but the fact remains that all too many people suffer from chronic allergies or asthma and take medication to cope with the symptoms. And yet there is another way most certainly worth trying – rid your home of the dirt, debris, and other contaminants causing your allergies and woes in the first place.

And while Zach Heating & Cooling can be of tremendous assistance in that regard, there are plenty of things you can do on you own. Let’s examine a few of the most popular and effective:

House Plants

Don’t worry if you’re not the green thumb type. After all, certain types of house plants are amazingly easy to care for. Best of all, they are proven air cleaners as they attract many of the airborne contaminants causing you so much misery. Bacteria and other airborne pollutants feed off the very nutrients these plants provide. As you might imagine, certain plant varieties are best suited to the task. These include Boston Ferns, Ivy, Chinese Evergreen, Peace Lily Philodendron, and Spider Plant. Check with your local florist or garden center for helpful advice on how to best care for your new collection of indoor greenery.

Dust Removal

Dust and dust mites are among the most egregious allergens of them all. The remedy, however tedious it might sound, does work. So, vacuum and dust, and often. When vacuuming, use a cleaner with a HEPA filter and be sure to include fabric furniture and area rugs, too. It’s also a good idea to wash your sheets and pillowcases weekly and vacuum or wash your mattress cover, as well.

Air Ducts

Even if you’re the most ardent house cleaner on the planet, your air ducts can’t help but collect all kinds of gook: chemical cleaner by-products, dust, dirt, pesticides and other substances brought in on the soles of shoes, pollen, and literally hundreds more. As a result, have your ducts cleaned about every four years so all those accumulated pollutants aren’t flying through your indoor air once our AC or furnace fan is on.

Natural is a Better Choice

What kinds of shampoos, hair conditioners, and other skin and beauty products are you accustomed to? How about household cleaning products? Last question: do you read the label of ingredients before making your purchase?

If not, you should. Because those very same products you’ve been relying on for years could be part of the reason allergies continue to plague you. Little by little – or all at once if you’re the brave and adventurous type – switch over to natural cleaning and personal care products. When it comes to cleaning products, you can make many of them yourself with ingredients you probably already have on hand.

And now for the part where Zach Heating and Cooling can come to your ready and most effective aid. In short order, our indoor air quality specialists can install a whole-house air filtration unit inside your ductwork, where it then goes to work to rid your home of up to 99% – and sometimes beyond – airborne pollutants.

As these pollutants – including viruses, germs and bacteria – travel through your ducts, the air filtration unit stops them dead in their tracks. If they can’t get through, they can’t occupy your indoor air.

Contact us today for more information so you and other family members with allergy problems can soon start feeling a whole lot better.