Is your entire home equipped with central air except for your enclosed porch or 3-season room? And, if so, would you spend more time there if you didn’t have to rely on window fans, ceiling fans, or some other makeshift cooling device – to say nothing of what good you could make of it during the winter?

Now, take it one step further and imagine turning that room into a year-round gathering place with no new construction or any other major changes needed…what would that do to your lifestyle? Well, that’s what you can accomplish with a new ductless air system from Zach Heating & Cooling.

Here’s what a ductless air system consists of:

  • Outdoor condensing unit (also called a heat pump) that looks like your central AC condensing unit
  • An indoor wall-mounted blower that connects directly to the outdoor unit and distributes conditioned air
  • Your system can provide cool air only, or heating and cooling combined – entirely your choice
  • Super-quiet, remote-control operation along with amazingly high energy efficiency
  • Ease of maintenance

While that’s a single use application for a ductless air system, you can use it for multiple purposes, including:

  • Heat and cool a converted basement or attic.
  • Install one for climate control in a garage where you keep an antique car or other valuable, climate-sensitive items.
  • Getting the second floor cooled in a two-story, even with central air, is sometimes a challenge. So, by adding a ductless unit upstairs, you and everyone else who sleeps there will enjoy far more comfortable evenings.

Or let’s say your house doesn’t have air ducts or it would be very costly and difficult to add them. Does that mean you’re stuck with window or portable AC units for life? Not when you have Zach Heating & Cooling as your home comfort partner. We can design and install a whole-house ductless air system, with each unit having its own remote control device. That means you can enjoy absolute comfort in the rooms you occupy and reduce your energy costs in rooms that currently empty.

There’s a lot to love about a ductless air system and we’d love to tell you more about it. Contact us today for a free home heating and cooling analysis and new system proposal.