You expect to hear an array of sounds in your home throughout the day. The welcome drip-drip of your coffee pot, someone opening and closing the refrigerator door, the opening song of your child’s favorite cartoon. What you don’t expect to hear are clanking, banging, and rattling noises coming from you water heater. What gives?

Here are 6 common water heater noises and what they probably mean.

  1. Crackling. Excess condensation on the burner can cause a crackling noise. While it may sound alarming, the situation often resolves itself in a brief amount of time. However, if the problem persists or returns, contact Zach Heating & Cooling.
  2. Popping. A popping sound is most commonly caused by mineral deposits and sediment build-up inside your water heater tank. When water inside the tank becomes trapped beneath the sediment, it causes pockets of air to form and popping sounds to occur. To resolve this issue, have the water heater flushed, and do so once a year to prevent future build-up.
  3. Rumbling. As water temperature rises, water inside the tank expands and begins to escape from under any accumulated sediment, resulting in a rumbling sound. If this is the noise you’re hearing from your water heater, it could mean that sediment build-up has reached a critical level and requires prompt attention so your water heater can continue to perform effectively.
  4. Sizzling. The sound of a sizzling steak? Music to one’s ears. Sizzling sounds coming from your water heater? Not so appealing. In fact, it’s a clear indication of a water leak which requires prompt professional attention.
  5. Screeching. A screeching sound can be an indication of a partially closed inlet control valve. When not fully open, waterflow is restricted which results in a screeching noise. Simply check that the valve is fully open to quickly resolve the issue.
  6. Humming. A humming noise could result from a loose heating element that is vibrating during normal operation.

Water heaters aren’t meant to be heard – they’re meant to enhance your family’s comfort and convenience. So, if your hot water system isn’t behaving properly – weird noises or otherwise – contact Zach for an accurate problem diagnosis and prompt, reliable service you can depend on.